Morality And Where i Stand


skyIt’s my birthday and no matter how you look at it am grown now and no one can take that away from me even though I would want to do that myself. Take away some numbers so I may remain younger forever. Who would have thought, well, we all knew we would grow those hairs someday. And it’s quite funny cos we wished for this, prayed for this and even cried real tears just to be a man someday sooner. Well, as a birthday gift to you I write this, I may be wrong but I hope am right. And try your very best not to judge first, most often I thirst for wine but I don’t take in alcohol so I pretend to be drunk and I get hyper in my own thoughts, sit in my fake-cloud nine and share a toast with God. Maybe that’s how it works. Every year is my birthday, but how do I live every day of it. It comes am happy, and it’s gone again. Should I wait every year or make it an everyday celebration. Every year I do nothing when it comes, am happy, then it’s gone again. It’s like a loop, from this day to the next same day of the next year. It is boring living the same life over and over again, happy then it’s gone again.

I write this piece in all sincerity, and I hope you really don’t judge. Imagine there is no religion, no GOD, no devil; what would be right and what would be wrong? Who would measure, how would the balance work? A feather and a stuck of gold? Or a white linen and a peace-loving man at the other side? Would a man be right to kill because he craves for it? And who are you to judge? Can you take away his gun and pat him on the head and say “come on son! You’ve been a bad boy, Can you? I believe without religion there would be no bases for morality, whether it’s right or wrong depends on each individual and his or her way of seeing things. Which will you prefer; a fantasy that preserves life or a reality that takes it away? Let’s assume the BIBLE is a lie, let’s assume the BIBLE is a self-exhorting dictator who preaches; love, faith, friendship, family and life preservation. Why would you hate such a lie?

And to sober myself, I calm myself down with the hope that someday I will walk on the street of gold, I may be wrong I may be right. But wouldn’t it be beautiful? You are judged for a stand you took so you build a stockade to shield you from the fingers, you scream “I don’t believe anymore, I never did” just so you can live. Whether it’s wrong or right, it’s who you are. Yes, but what is your measure? I may end here, but I ask when will you stop fighting and start living. And also don’t live for anything, live for something.






Look To The Cross

Nonfa series


I just realized that, it has been a while I did this. Which is holding your hands and kissing your lips and telling you how much I hate loving you. No sorry not that, wrong post I guess! But I really miss this, writing things I don’t really understand and hoping you would get it, I don’t know how you feel about it, but I really don’t think it’s twisted at all. Yeah! To the main issue; have you been in that position where you think you are so sinful to go to God and you wallow in pain and sorrow and guilt and you think you are the only one who can carry that cross? Well, that is condescending, and it doesn’t look good on you. Now this is what I do when am at that bridge, I look to the cross. Yeah, it’s a bit cliché-ish, look to the cross he says, ha! Am sure by now you are about to minimize the window of whatever technology you are a slave to, but wait really look to the cross. What do you see? A man who lived all his life doing things wrongly but at the end of it all it just took just five words and am paraphrasing “Lord remember me in paradise”. How hard can that be? And this should tell you the lord doesn’t mind how you live, well, he does but he also wishes we could be bold and regretful at times. Just that is enough just that is ok.

P.S. I wrote this listening to Michael Jackson’s human nature, Neil Diamond’s sweet Caroline and Cat Stevens wild world.

P.S. again, I don’t mind you calling me Jesus freak cos it will really look good on my résumé. Thank you.

Page 365


Nights are closed days are pass, so on and always from page one.

Page two wasn’t any different just making inference from page one and maybe the prologue.

Life wasn’t that bad, I wasn’t that sad, I might have been very glad that I had a life perhaps.

Death always had it way life had many things to say. Many things to see, many rights to make and wrongs to change.

But all these had their space, all these came under a particular chapter, which was close to home and a family.

On page forty I had to forfeit, on page one hundred I had to claim those sixty pages lost.

Brought to my knees, a tale stung by me, the daggers and knifes, deceit and lies.

My vice caught up with me, but nights pass as days came.

So I washed all the mud for a new day, laid back in a new packed hay, cruising through it all, at least I am alive.

On the last chapter I painted it grey, for I once stood behind the fence, once upon a time I was in front of the fence and just yesterday I stood on the fence.

I wrote my life, in pages in the nights that run through the days.

So here I am, on day three hundred and sixty-five with my hands lifted up and my head up, saying thank you to the lord.




Hello world! ( gay is wrong not because am a Christian)


I always thought my first blog post would be about spider man or marvel’s exceptional cinematography. But no that’s not the case which is not far from who I am, because am the type who is semi open to good things and also want to keep the natural state of how things should be. Albino’s are not ritual tools red heads are not different they just have red hair. I would like to say that, there are differences and choices. Can trees decide to breathe out carbon dioxide instead? It’s a choice they can make, can’t they? But a tree cannot decide to be a redwood or a fig tree that would be weird. Like they go to God or the spirit of the big bang and say make me a pineapple plant because people love me. We would all be glad if it was so. But it is not and it is difficult to live a life you never wished for and never asked for. We seek longevity, we seek the progress of man and woman so we never go extinct. Why do we set up institutions to stop wars just for us to sit and put both our palms into our tight and look on as our actions and inactions bring us to a place where no wrong is wrong only if it is mutual? We can say it’s who they are so many times just to make us feel better for what it is worth musterbation feels worse after the act but how sweet does it taste before, just asking? We all break the rules we all have secrets desires that no matter how we try we can’t get rid of. But shouldn’t we fight to stop it rather than accepting it as who we are? I don’t feel comfortable right now because I may be wrong or very right who knows? A life we didn’t ask for but here we are, man and woman. Maybe it is just me, maybe it is I who is rooted in a tradition I think I love and it is a choice so who am I to say someone’s choice is wrong which is also not infringing on my right, even if I fear my son would think it is the right way because he got dumped by a girl. Let’s put away rights let’s put away religion. Let’s create a scenario here, let’s imagine there are no sperm donors, let’s imagine straights are still giving birth, let’s imagine every one out of two kids is gay, let’s imagine this, lets imagine gay couples are still adopting, lets imagine one kid out of five kids adopted by gay couples turn gays, lets imagine individuals make it a choice not to have kids, lets imagine everyone’s right is granted, lets imagine every choice we make is made a right because it is who we are. Imagine that world? I don’t think killing someone because he is gay is right, I don’t think imprisoning someone because the person is gay is right, it’s quite silly I think, but what I think doesn’t matter because I think being gay is a choice and sometimes they are wrong and needs a rethink. I may be selfish for wanting a world that you are part of not a world you might be part of. Am a Christian and am judged for things I haven’t even done. I am judged for upholding what my Bible says. But I owe no one an apology for being a Christian and again, it’s a choice and I may be wrong. To me gay is wrong, not because am a Christian. I believe our job to conserve the earth and see it flourish will so much be affected by their choice just like deforestation and the other things that lead to the collapse of the earth. But yet again do we know that without religion everything is okay thus no morality? Before I save the world I must save myself. Maybe this is how. Let love lead that’s all.

Redemption song.



Emancipation! Emancipation!! We chant as we crowd the street

We want liberty, we need our space.

We shout our heart out hoping they would hear

We are black and that’s who we are!

With rage in our hearts tears in our eyes

We beg in anger we seek in arms our freedom.

In the quiet street of our silence

We are waiting for your answer and we swear we won’t speak again.

Pull down trump’s wall

And we won’t ask for more.

These are not stunts of war but a cry for peace

Cut through the veil that blinds the eye

The vail that tears humans apart.

For once be color blind

For once.

This is not a poem

This is a song

We chorus our pains in loud chants

From verse to verse

With each note, we play,

We pray we hit a nerve.

No clubs, no burning touches just words.



I believe we make choices every day, the ones we would want to keep and the ones we would love to keep.

I believe we make lots of mistakes, the ones we call tragedy and the ones we call happy mistakes.

I believe we all know how life is, we compare it to Amistad the movie or the deadly voyage our story.

I believe we all have opportunities, the ones we saw coming and the ones we happily ignored because it came with a string and we never wanted to be pulled by it.

I believe we all have our stories, the ones we would love to share and the ones we wouldn’t want our grandchildren to hear.

I believe life goes on even after death and I will never cry when I die but before a family I made, I would wish I died eternally too.

I believe we all know things, the things that gets us thinking… what crime did we perpetuate? Why would anyone think we are not humans? Who gets arrested, the driver or the car?

I believe we all tell lies sometimes, the ones that lingers in our sleep and the ones that gets us hanged.

I believe we all have nightmares, the ones that appeared because we told a lie and the ones we just can’t tell when it will blow over.

I believed we all had dreams, the ones that kept us working till we were weary and the ones we always wake up from.

Starring at the bottom of the clouds were we wish it will rain gold.

Standing at the mouth of the river wishing it had a tank where it would keep its excess

Looking through us, as we see through you.

life is quite amusing when the odds are for you, but you smile when it turns its back and say not sarcasm, but you know it is.

Walk through the dark,

Run around the park,

Pray for the things you lack,

Right stories that may last, do it son, do it fast.

So I drew a crooked heart


A heart that has been loved, a heart that has felt the cruelty of a man who swore to protect it. A heart that needs no lessons for the better way to learn is to be the lesson taught.

I had a heart that loved, I had a heart so naïve even love was worried, I had a heart so blind it saw nothing wrong with the world.

This is a heart that has been to jail, a heart that slept in the cold arms of a criminal, a heart that had no love this is the heart I fell in love with.

Stabbed by the heart that promised love, he watched on as she starved, with no love she held onto the promise that the sky will never fall so is his love.

I had a heart plainly drawn in space with no strips, in ink and love. Shaded from top to bottom with just a spot of white left.

If all hearts were like this heart if the world could tell her suitors, that her innocence is as pure as the virgin. If they would cherish her and keep her like the egg, this heart would love the world.

In blind folds, with worn out souls, family filled with moles, lovers forgetting their roles, fake popes in pretty robes expecting the sun to always shine on those daffodils would be silly just as the world is.

This story I write, these songs that I sing are but the truth. The world wants us to draw a straight heart with our minds, but with our hearts we draw the crooked ones.



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THE MAN IN THE FIELDS (download my first poem book)



A body made of shrubs
Like the king on the cross I spread my arms
He did it to embrace but
I do to scare away
With no heart nor mind
With no arm just a hand
I came with just my feet
The fields are the floor of my house
The sky my ceiling and the moon my chandelier
People pass by, not a word they say,
People I thought were my peers
I don’t need their pity
I just can’t feel it
I don’t need their greetings
I can’t respond anyways.
I watch them turn the earth
I watch them as they hope for bread.
I wonder, what if it never rains.
What if the sun takes a nap for years?
If their prayers are answered so can mine
They come with both feet
But fall so easily
They come with brains but
How quickly do they lose their memory?
I wonder why? But I have none so I can’t tell.
Is it right not to have a heart?
Is it better without a mind?
Is it life? Would you care to answer?
I watch as they are placed six feet beneath me,
As others shed a tear or two.
But what can I do?
Am just a man in the fields?




HERE WE GO AGAIN!! (download my first poem book)


images (4)

Its quarter pass six and you still in bed, how you wish there was another way other
that death. The alarm goes off at exactly six, but you say “why bother if I would
definitely come back to it.” Like being stuck in a disguised loop, we wake up, eat
and sleep. Like falling into an abyss, an endless search for comfort-ability and we
lose the more as if it is a necessity. We search for it not to cover our nakedness,
we roll in the dirt as we rub our dignity in the mud. We look on and eventually
end up in a mess. Good morning to the first man you see, it was him yesterday, a
week ago, a month… last year. The preacher man said it was over, just after we
shot the devil with our imaginary guns. He died, didn’t he? You arrive at work and
since you decided to leave work early the previous day you have a lot to do.
Halfway through it you receive a call, you rush out you’ve lost a friend you can’t
cry or you shouldn’t cry. You exchange pleasantries with a fallen face and a face
down smile telling them you feel their pain. You walk home in a loosen tie, a rolled
up sleeves and your coat hanging around your shoulder or on the tip of your
middle finger. Is it stress from work? Is it life “or the reason that you would have
to go through the same cycle tomorrow again. Not like your friend is going to die
again but someone is going to die and to say otherwise would be a lie. It may not
be a heart ceasing, maybe a heart breaking, a dream that won’t come to live so
you fall on bead making. That wouldn’t be exactly you but life makes it sometimes
rhyme. “Here we go again” you say, “but I thank the man upstairs, at least I have
mine. Hmm! Life.” You close your eyes and finally out you go.






The reason for this book.
Many a time we search for meanings of the way life portrays our destiny. Why did it end up this way?
Why didn’t I choose the other way? Would there be light at the end of the tunnel? Why would it be so?
We try to find our muse even in the most distressed situations, as we set aside our emotions just to have a friend and pretend we like it.  This book is not meant to answer those questions but to tell you, you are not the only one.


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