Does it ever end?

Try sleeping with a broken heart,

When you close your eyes and wish your soul would depart Into a realm where death is the soul giver.

The heart that felt, now cold as the midnight,

The heart that fell in love with the stranger.

Looking up under the mango tree where she fell and broke her heart.

She gave it a shot of the quarter glass intoxicated in his smell and the gentleman he is.

Where they lay on the grass listening to the melodies the wind brought,

Till the sun made its turn.

Does it ever end?

To be continued. ..


Ode to Kingsark

Oh! How inspirational have you been

Even when eyes hasn’t seen

The ears have heard

You may not have given us bread

But this food is better for our soul

The music! The music! !The music! !!

This feeling is amazing

And sark is a hell of a nation.

Are you not loved?

Why is your heart cold?

Why do you sound so low?

Why are you alone?

Are you not loved?

Is your world collapsing?

Are your thoughts contradicting?

Is it love?  Is it hate?

Or are you not loved?

Is it the music?

How does it sound ?

Is it the noice?

Is it the cricket?

Or you are still not loved?

I hear the whispers, the silent gazes.

Or it is I who is alone?

Or the blue bird singing?

I prayed for a purple rain

But ended up in a blue pool.

Am I not loved?

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