I am a woman and I am proud to say that I am sex-positive. For individuals who are new to this term, as I was not so long ago, sex-positive simply means an individual who is positive about sex, consent, sexual education, sexual exploration, sexual pleasure and sexual health. Basically, sex-positive means don’t be a […]

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Happy Halloween

She sat peacefully on the grass,with the wind blowing her hair backwards bringing to bare her true form her outermost beauty .

I sat beside her and asked ,why such beauty ? Is your life too? She turned towards me and smiled , I know that smile I said, she asked what kind ? The one that you do when your heart is sad , is your life too?

Maybe true she said , maybe its me . This beauty my curse , is it wrong to be just beautiful or life is against fairness ? Am black ain’t I ? Shouldn’t it be on my side ? But I have always been alone .

Well I guess am the reason for the adage “never judge a book by its cover “.

So you see my life is not all confy, I may have won the trophy but no one to serve me the toffees , I don’t trick neither do I treat but it smiles at me and says happy Halloween.


Would the wind ever stop blowing

When our lungs are exhausted.

When the sea billows and never backwards .

The sun will always shine when clouds gather. Would it?

Our leaders watch when we start talking,

And do they even bother?

Oh! Sorry I just jinx it.

This is outrageous.