Look at me , take a careful look at me ?

is this how a royal should look?
you can speak can’t you speak to me ?

how convincing can you be, can you tell me i haven’t tried all the tricks in the book?

i have walked all path the broad the narrow and the rocky. i have met many faces with different intentions the good, the bad , and the ugly. i have than the illogical i have seen obscure sight which are mostly not optical. i have cried all my tears, i have ventured all the spheres but up to no avail.
so i ask is this the royal life you promised ? a life not of gold but with riches untold a life with my naked eye i cant behold. they are in the book you gave which i read from sunset till i become cooled in the midnight breeze. would you say i haven’t tried harder ? i have with my bare hands built houses more huger than the tower of babel  i have conjured up paths which are mostly complicated than the red sea exodus.


i have cried and is that not enough? i thought life was hand to mouth never new there was more i thought i would always win but the more thought me i could loose or draw. like a dead plankton all i do is follow the current of the ocean, with this motion i don’t even know were i stand, is this your plan? a trick life question with no answers.

nyameye sky


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