Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas ! Merry Christmas! ! To you, you and you. A son is born his grace has shone. How benevolent is he, what did he ever see in me? I wouldn’t have done that yes am that selfish, I tell a lie if I said I would do otherwise…

he said, with a grin I have never been able to write about Christmas. For poets we normally write what we feel the emotions we conceal deep inside the belly of our soul.

I have lived it long enough? I think, I have had experiences of how it really feels, the nostalgic moments the meals, the women the drinks I think.

His eyes gleamed and glowed intermittently, was he about to lie I asked myself? Many a times people tend to lie immediately after that.


It is the time christ was born, debatable true, relatable thats also true. But if christ is love what is this all about looking at the facts each side present. The lost ones,thoes who belong , and the we just want to celebrate ones they all have it, they all are believable and thats not true.

but today is not the time for explanations lets keep our religions to ourselves for now and for the fairytale they end when we grow up. It’s Christmas and it is love we share when it comes. If the whole world is watching let’s make it beautiful.

do you wish to tell her how much you care about her , the words you never got to say the first time you met, I sing this song for you out of the blues with cool sounds and the lovely harmonic arrangement that makes the music. Pick up the phone call her and if she ask why tell her ” I just called to say I love.”

throw the love around don’t be selfish its not yours to own. His love gave us this opportunity, and that sacrifice we should uphold. Merry Christmas from Nyameye sky.