Our Love Just Like In the Telenovelas.


We just live once, twice is a SECOND CHANCE, don’t hold onto the hurt the pain and disgrace they inflicted on you Vengeance is of the lord CORAZON INDOMABLE. just Cruz, just chill, ease the adrenaline rush at ACALPOCO BAY, they laugh at you call you fat but you are MY SWEET FAT VALENTINA, don’t worry we shall return and return the pain they inflicted on us, call it, LA PATRONA, strong sensation I feel anytime u come around and I feel like touching you my HIDDEN PASSION, without you, is like carrying a curse on my head BELLA CALAMIDAD never letting you go is THE PROMISE, ALL IN THE NAME OF LOVE, sitting at bank of the DESTINY RIVER knowing I mistrust you come back my ROSALINDA, I have got to act fast cos our love is TIMELESS. I will raise over your head a SHELTER FOR LOVE, cos of this love you have got more foes than friends my EVA LUNA, your woes never go away on your head I see the crown of tears CORONA DE LA GRIMAS. Our story is just like in the telenovelas, I LOVE YOU.


John Dadzie


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