HERE WE GO AGAIN!! (download my first poem book)


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Its quarter pass six and you still in bed, how you wish there was another way other
that death. The alarm goes off at exactly six, but you say “why bother if I would
definitely come back to it.” Like being stuck in a disguised loop, we wake up, eat
and sleep. Like falling into an abyss, an endless search for comfort-ability and we
lose the more as if it is a necessity. We search for it not to cover our nakedness,
we roll in the dirt as we rub our dignity in the mud. We look on and eventually
end up in a mess. Good morning to the first man you see, it was him yesterday, a
week ago, a month… last year. The preacher man said it was over, just after we
shot the devil with our imaginary guns. He died, didn’t he? You arrive at work and
since you decided to leave work early the previous day you have a lot to do.
Halfway through it you receive a call, you rush out you’ve lost a friend you can’t
cry or you shouldn’t cry. You exchange pleasantries with a fallen face and a face
down smile telling them you feel their pain. You walk home in a loosen tie, a rolled
up sleeves and your coat hanging around your shoulder or on the tip of your
middle finger. Is it stress from work? Is it life “or the reason that you would have
to go through the same cycle tomorrow again. Not like your friend is going to die
again but someone is going to die and to say otherwise would be a lie. It may not
be a heart ceasing, maybe a heart breaking, a dream that won’t come to live so
you fall on bead making. That wouldn’t be exactly you but life makes it sometimes
rhyme. “Here we go again” you say, “but I thank the man upstairs, at least I have
mine. Hmm! Life.” You close your eyes and finally out you go.




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