So I drew a crooked heart


A heart that has been loved, a heart that has felt the cruelty of a man who swore to protect it. A heart that needs no lessons for the better way to learn is to be the lesson taught.

I had a heart that loved, I had a heart so naïve even love was worried, I had a heart so blind it saw nothing wrong with the world.

This is a heart that has been to jail, a heart that slept in the cold arms of a criminal, a heart that had no love this is the heart I fell in love with.

Stabbed by the heart that promised love, he watched on as she starved, with no love she held onto the promise that the sky will never fall so is his love.

I had a heart plainly drawn in space with no strips, in ink and love. Shaded from top to bottom with just a spot of white left.

If all hearts were like this heart if the world could tell her suitors, that her innocence is as pure as the virgin. If they would cherish her and keep her like the egg, this heart would love the world.

In blind folds, with worn out souls, family filled with moles, lovers forgetting their roles, fake popes in pretty robes expecting the sun to always shine on those daffodils would be silly just as the world is.

This story I write, these songs that I sing are but the truth. The world wants us to draw a straight heart with our minds, but with our hearts we draw the crooked ones.



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