I believe we make choices every day, the ones we would want to keep and the ones we would love to keep.

I believe we make lots of mistakes, the ones we call tragedy and the ones we call happy mistakes.

I believe we all know how life is, we compare it to Amistad the movie or the deadly voyage our story.

I believe we all have opportunities, the ones we saw coming and the ones we happily ignored because it came with a string and we never wanted to be pulled by it.

I believe we all have our stories, the ones we would love to share and the ones we wouldn’t want our grandchildren to hear.

I believe life goes on even after death and I will never cry when I die but before a family I made, I would wish I died eternally too.

I believe we all know things, the things that gets us thinking… what crime did we perpetuate? Why would anyone think we are not humans? Who gets arrested, the driver or the car?

I believe we all tell lies sometimes, the ones that lingers in our sleep and the ones that gets us hanged.

I believe we all have nightmares, the ones that appeared because we told a lie and the ones we just can’t tell when it will blow over.

I believed we all had dreams, the ones that kept us working till we were weary and the ones we always wake up from.

Starring at the bottom of the clouds were we wish it will rain gold.

Standing at the mouth of the river wishing it had a tank where it would keep its excess

Looking through us, as we see through you.

life is quite amusing when the odds are for you, but you smile when it turns its back and say not sarcasm, but you know it is.

Walk through the dark,

Run around the park,

Pray for the things you lack,

Right stories that may last, do it son, do it fast.



  1. Kilchii · December 2, 2017

    At least, humanity has been described in one poem

    Liked by 1 person

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