Redemption song.



Emancipation! Emancipation!! We chant as we crowd the street

We want liberty, we need our space.

We shout our heart out hoping they would hear

We are black and that’s who we are!

With rage in our hearts tears in our eyes

We beg in anger we seek in arms our freedom.

In the quiet street of our silence

We are waiting for your answer and we swear we won’t speak again.

Pull down trump’s wall

And we won’t ask for more.

These are not stunts of war but a cry for peace

Cut through the veil that blinds the eye

The vail that tears humans apart.

For once be color blind

For once.

This is not a poem

This is a song

We chorus our pains in loud chants

From verse to verse

With each note, we play,

We pray we hit a nerve.

No clubs, no burning touches just words.


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