Hello world! ( gay is wrong not because am a Christian)


I always thought my first blog post would be about spider man or marvel’s exceptional cinematography. But no that’s not the case which is not far from who I am, because am the type who is semi open to good things and also want to keep the natural state of how things should be. Albino’s are not ritual tools red heads are not different they just have red hair. I would like to say that, there are differences and choices. Can trees decide to breathe out carbon dioxide instead? It’s a choice they can make, can’t they? But a tree cannot decide to be a redwood or a fig tree that would be weird. Like they go to God or the spirit of the big bang and say make me a pineapple plant because people love me. We would all be glad if it was so. But it is not and it is difficult to live a life you never wished for and never asked for. We seek longevity, we seek the progress of man and woman so we never go extinct. Why do we set up institutions to stop wars just for us to sit and put both our palms into our tight and look on as our actions and inactions bring us to a place where no wrong is wrong only if it is mutual? We can say it’s who they are so many times just to make us feel better for what it is worth musterbation feels worse after the act but how sweet does it taste before, just asking? We all break the rules we all have secrets desires that no matter how we try we can’t get rid of. But shouldn’t we fight to stop it rather than accepting it as who we are? I don’t feel comfortable right now because I may be wrong or very right who knows? A life we didn’t ask for but here we are, man and woman. Maybe it is just me, maybe it is I who is rooted in a tradition I think I love and it is a choice so who am I to say someone’s choice is wrong which is also not infringing on my right, even if I fear my son would think it is the right way because he got dumped by a girl. Let’s put away rights let’s put away religion. Let’s create a scenario here, let’s imagine there are no sperm donors, let’s imagine straights are still giving birth, let’s imagine every one out of two kids is gay, let’s imagine this, lets imagine gay couples are still adopting, lets imagine one kid out of five kids adopted by gay couples turn gays, lets imagine individuals make it a choice not to have kids, lets imagine everyone’s right is granted, lets imagine every choice we make is made a right because it is who we are. Imagine that world? I don’t think killing someone because he is gay is right, I don’t think imprisoning someone because the person is gay is right, it’s quite silly I think, but what I think doesn’t matter because I think being gay is a choice and sometimes they are wrong and needs a rethink. I may be selfish for wanting a world that you are part of not a world you might be part of. Am a Christian and am judged for things I haven’t even done. I am judged for upholding what my Bible says. But I owe no one an apology for being a Christian and again, it’s a choice and I may be wrong. To me gay is wrong, not because am a Christian. I believe our job to conserve the earth and see it flourish will so much be affected by their choice just like deforestation and the other things that lead to the collapse of the earth. But yet again do we know that without religion everything is okay thus no morality? Before I save the world I must save myself. Maybe this is how. Let love lead that’s all.


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