what you can be.

Have you got to the point where you think you don’t know who you are? Were your line of questions are: where am I? Who am I? What do I do? Who would I be? Well these questions are legit. But aren’t you just seeking answers to questions you know already? But just needed an assurance or let’s say an excuse, so you can say someone said?

Someone said this, someone said that. Someone said you can achieve that. Someone said, you can’t let go unless you let in. someone said, life is ridiculous so you have to be the clown. Someone said, life is too short so don’t grow any taller than you are now. Wow! These are deadly times, sorry if you think I intended that rhyme.

Have you ever been at that point before, have you ever counted and left out the number four? Are you waiting to be on all fours before you do something? That one thing you think would be a clue that would lead you to answer all those questions?

Do you sometimes cry about it? Do you fall right on your face and whisper to yourself how a disgrace you have been to your name? Where you wish they would be washed away with those tears of yours. Am I talking too much? Or should I say am typing too many words which are not making any sense?

Now allow me to pep talk you into that space that would make you see life in two ways, like the artist and the empty blank canvas. Now the clue: imagine your life as the canvas. is it blank? Yes, is it useless no? Its emptiness is its strength, like a magician his greatest trick lies within his clinched fist. Now you see me. On that emptiness you draw from your imagination. And in that world anything is possible. So I ask are you lost. Do you feel your world is way worse than the Wild West? Now tell me, were do you want to be? Draw it. What do you want to see? Imagine it.

You are the artist you are the inspiration. You are the one to draw, you are the one. Pick up the brush start painting something. Be that space that makes way for that change give yourself that chance, Like “Rango” no man leaves his story. Now let all saints say Amen.



Happy Halloween

She sat peacefully on the grass,with the wind blowing her hair backwards bringing to bare her true form her outermost beauty .

I sat beside her and asked ,why such beauty ? Is your life too? She turned towards me and smiled , I know that smile I said, she asked what kind ? The one that you do when your heart is sad , is your life too?

Maybe true she said , maybe its me . This beauty my curse , is it wrong to be just beautiful or life is against fairness ? Am black ain’t I ? Shouldn’t it be on my side ? But I have always been alone .

Well I guess am the reason for the adage “never judge a book by its cover “.

So you see my life is not all confy, I may have won the trophy but no one to serve me the toffees , I don’t trick neither do I treat but it smiles at me and says happy Halloween.


Would the wind ever stop blowing

When our lungs are exhausted.

When the sea billows and never backwards .

The sun will always shine when clouds gather. Would it?

Our leaders watch when we start talking,

And do they even bother?

Oh! Sorry I just jinx it.

This is outrageous.

Does it ever end?

Try sleeping with a broken heart,

When you close your eyes and wish your soul would depart Into a realm where death is the soul giver.

The heart that felt, now cold as the midnight,

The heart that fell in love with the stranger.

Looking up under the mango tree where she fell and broke her heart.

She gave it a shot of the quarter glass intoxicated in his smell and the gentleman he is.

Where they lay on the grass listening to the melodies the wind brought,

Till the sun made its turn.

Does it ever end?

To be continued. ..